Community Meeting Minutes

Our recent community meeting held on October 3rd, 2020 yielded a treasure trove of resources and supports. Feel free to access any and all, or email us with more suggestions to share!

Opening Song, presented by Hannah Shefsky

“I Am Willing” by Holly Near

 I am open and I am willing

To be hopeless would seem so strange

It dishonors those who go before us

So lift me up to the light of change


There is hurting in my family

There is sorrow in my town

There is panic in the nation

There is wailing the whole world round


May the children see more clearly

May the elders be more wise

May the winds of change caress us

Even though it burns our eyes


Give me a mighty oak to hold my confusion

Give me a desert to hold my fears

Give me a sunset to hold my wonder

Give me an ocean to hold my tears


 Technology Resources for Virtual Sessions


– live audio and recording with multiple people and multiple tracks in a web browser

Bluelight filter – to reduce screen impact on eyes

Bluelight glasses – can be worn to reduce impact of screen time

Don’t forget to update Zoom!

New features include: 


Zoom features to incorporate into sessions: 


Microphone suggestions: 

  • Blue Yeti
  • irig studio mic+headphones+turning on monitor in a program like garageband to hear yourself and client simultaneously. The irig studio costs about $150, a hand held version is available for $50 but does not offer a direct headphone out port. 


Discussion around virtual sessions with kids: 

  • Incorporating visual props/cues, movement 
  • Online music making platforms such as chrome music lab, or bandlab. Both free apps available on the google chrome web browser. 
  • Sing-signing for working with kids with deaf-blindness


Book suggestions:

To Bless the Space Between Us by John O’Donohue


It’s Ok That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine and Mark Nepo


Lets Talk About Race by Julius Lester illustrated by Karen Barbour-Julius Lester “I write because our lives are stories. If enough of these stories are told, then perhaps we will begin to see that our lives are the same story. The differences are merely in the details.”


Bing Worthy Shows: For some Netflix and Self-Care

The Good Place; Say Yes to the Dress; “Woke”; The Posh Frock Shop; Call the Midwife; Glow Up; Grace and Frankie; American Horror Story; Schitts Creek; Shameless; I’m Sorry; Hip Hop Evolution

Movie: Every Day a Good Day (Drama, 2018, 1hr 40min)

Podcast: On Being (Krista Tippett)

Juan Chen, LMHC, MT-BC

-Research project and published paper last year

-About the experience of taking the music therapy board exam


Yale Free Course:

Science of Well Being


Guides, Tutorials, and Lessons on Technology for and in Music Therapy:

Teach to Learn – an online cultural exchange program with music education services


Perspectives article

“Factors Associated with Music Therapy Board Certification Outcomes”

Come join us next meeting where each attendant will be encouraged to share their favorite songwriting prompt. See you there!